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Iván García, Oviedo (Asturias-Spain), April 20, 1979


I studied illustration at “Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Oviedo” (School of Arts), although my formation has been majority self-taught.

For almost five years I worked at the studio of medical-scientific illustration L. Aulló of Oviedo with some other co-workers. The studio was in charge of the illustrations for the text books for the Curso MIR Asturias. The amount of work at the studio was really big, therefore, it allowed me to develop my technical and artistic skills: anatomic drawing, digital colouring, etc. I also did several courses of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver y Flash; web design & multimedia, html language, Css, SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) also and Javascript notions.

As a medical illustrator I've also worked for Ediciones Nobel.

I've worked as a teacher in artistic studios of Oviedo about drawing and comic techniques those courses were orientated for youth, I've also taught basic drawing techniques and digital colouring at professional courses of graphic design.

At the moment, I work as a Freelance Illustrator.


I've drawn and wrote comic for several years now. At first my works were published in some free magazines and fancines.

Eventually I begun to develop my work to other levels. Firstable at local magazines ( El Revistín, El Gomeru, AGE).

For the collection about BD Jazz (Ediciones Nobel) I drew a biopic about the Jazz Star Duke Ellington, which was distributed in several national daily journals.

I've also worked for CTA (Consorcio de Transportes del Principado de Asturias) with a short comic distributed in local press.

At the beginning of 2007 I published XY (superhero graphic novel, around 50 full colour pages) for Odisea Editorial, which was distributed in a national level.

I´ve done several short comic stories for La Cúpula editors comic magazines, Kiss Comix & Claro que si comics, from 2007 to 2011.

I self-edited and published an Illsutrated tale, Los Anillos de Beta Hidry, and a Graphic novel, Rescate en La Periferia, both in my my scfi universe Capitán Eclipse.

Illustration: editorial, cd's design, childish illustration, webs, and advertisements

In 2019 I did an illustration for the spanish promotion of Child´s Play movie by Orion Pictures, for Vertigo films. I designed the official T-shirt for Fangoria´s 30th anniversary tour Extrapolaciones y dos preguntas and also did illustrations for the book Cuentos para Niños Rockeros by the spanish artist and writer Mario Vaquerizo, published by Espasa Editorial. I also did the cover and inner illustrations for the Titanes en el Jardín, by writer Rubén Cubiella, published by Camelot.

I've also made illustrations for the CD debut of Varon Dandy (Spanish singer), a EP vinill cover for Ellos (O tú o él o yo single, spanish band), and for the cover of a remixes cd for Rafa Spunky (Spanish singer).

Usually I design flyers and posters for parties and night events

I've illustrated a series of tales for Ediciones Nobel, and also illustrations for kids for websites and interactive sites (Consejeria de Economía y Asuntos Europeos, La Ruta Towanda and Consejo de la Juventud the Oviedo's site).

I did a comic for Thyssenkrupp Gruup and a series of juvenile comics The adventures os Dany and Lisa, for the multinational language academy Berlitz in collaborartion with estudio Abside.

I´ve also worked for the editorial group Vocento and for the english agency Penguin Active Readers I drew an adaptation of the novel About a Boy and some illustrations for the book Kylie Minogue.

I've collaborated with XEGA (Xente Gai Astur) designing all their advertisement and press campaigns, and as a collaborator for their magazine AGE. I've done several campaigns about AIDS prevention for national assotiations and institutions: FELGTB and STOP SIDA .

I've usually done story-boards for advertisement agencies : Impact 5 and Pícara Producciones Exhibitions and media

I've took part in several exhibitions: an collective exhibition about comic authors in Madrid ( Espacio Sins Entido). An individual exhibition at Egopop 2007 in Bilbao ( Music and Arts for Diversity), La Rambleta in Valencia en 2014, and Centro Niemeyer, 2018.

I've took part in some activities, charts and interviews at XI, XII and XIX Salón de Cómic de Avilés (Cómic convention), Celisus 232 (scfi & fantasy convention 2014 & 2018) and CometCon (2014, 2017 & 2019)(Cómic, fantasy ans scfi convention). I've also been invited to join TV shows at RTPA ( local station)