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Interview by Dave Styer for GEEK-LEE-TIST

After looking over all the amazing art that Iván has done, I knew that I needed to talk to him. I was extremely curious as to how the life of an artist from a different country may vary from that of one livin in the USA.  So I approached him with an interview and this AWESOME dude; obliged! KISSES!

G: You'll have to forgive , but I couldn't find any place indicating where you live.

I: I was born and live in Oviedo. Mayor City of The Principality of Asturias, north coast of Spain. Asturias is very similar to Scotland or Ireland, it's cold and rainy, with large green forests, mountains and similar celtic roots in our culture. The North of Spain is hugely diferent from the rest of the country.

G: You mention that you went to school at -Escuela de Artes y Oficio de Oviedo- and were primarily self taught. Can you take a second and take us through the average day of schooling at Escuela de Artes y Oficio de Oviedo?

I: It's an official School of Arts where you can specialize in two years courses. Graphic design, illustration, photography...etc. I left Economist studies in the University to study arts, but began to work in a medical illustration studio before finishing the second year of course. I learned the most important things about being an illustrator just working a lot.

G: How did you go about tutoring yourself in art and design?  And, by the way what programs are you using? Do you draw onscreen or off? That sorta stuff...

I: Well, I supose I learned the techniques in the field, through real I improved as I needed in certain moments. I come from a world of comics, where most of what I knew in my early days of drawing, when I was a child, so I use comon techniques used in comic books. I draw with pens and paper, the do the black inks by paintbrush? (don´t really know if its the correct term in english), and then I digitalize the draws and color them in Photoshop with a pen tablet.

G: You mentioned that you've published several comics in local fanzines and the like. What was that experience likeya know getting started.

I: I think I was really lucky because each comic I did was a step over the last; so it was a progression. At first in self-made fanzines with friends, then local magazines and then national magazines, and maybe a couple of albums. Here in Spain, as in the rest of Europe, we do't have comic-book market, except american imports, we do graphic novels and short stories in magazines also.

G: What's been your favorite project to work on?

I: My favourite is Captain Eclipse, for sure. It's a space opera I've been working on for several years. It began as a collection of short stories in a national comic magazine, sharing space with other artists on it. Then the magazine closed down,  and just a month later I recieved an offer from a canadian editor, Class Comics, for translating and publishing Captain Eclipse in english, as comic book series. But because of The Global Crisis, and the nature of my comic (all publics space opera) and the Class comic's (adult comic), the project went down and now I decided to edit it by myself. These days I'm looking for the way to publish it this year.

G: Being an artist, where do you feel that you draw your energy? I mean what things inspire you? What's it like where you live? Do you have any photos of your location and the things that you see everyday?

I: I supose I'm inspired by the popular culture: comics, book, tv shows, music. I'm a really curious man who usually reads about everything: science, anthropology, sociology. I love fantasy, sc-fi, zombies, Z-movies, plup, classic cinema...and the list can go on forever!!!

G: Looks like you dabble in a lot of things. Do you prefer adult illustration or comic/fan art?

I: I think a freelancer needs to be as versatile as possible, being able to do different stuff. One year you are doing medical illustration, the next you do infantile books, and the next most of the orders come from adult oriented editors. I think I enjoy everything íf it´s in it´s just size, but it can be boring to do the same for a very long time if I don't really love it. When an artist is open to accept adult commissions, most of the people use to think that it's his/her speciality but in my case it's just another thing I can do. I must confess that I enjoy the most doing fan-art, sci-fi or fantasy, much more than doing adult or infantile, for example. Two years ago, maybe three, I did several short storiess for an adult comic magazine: Kiss comics. To speak out: straight porn. It was a great oportunity to work, they gave me a lot of liberty and almost everytime I published in full colour, but at the seventh issue it was so boring to me that I left it to do other things. They were great editors and it was a good contract, but working on comics is very hard and you have to love what you do, to do it happily.

G: How has your art been recieved in the Americas, Canadas, and Europes?

I: I had some commissions from Uk, for text books. Maybe one or two commissions from EEUU. Thas why I decided to turn my site into bilingual a few days ago.

G: Any new art or projects that you'd like to talk about?

I: Well, I'm working on continuing with all the Captain Eclipse stuff and have several commissioned portratis to do for these months. Every time I watch your geek art collection I say to me - Iván, you love to do, You have to do much more of it this year- .

G: Can you tell us a story about your youth and the reasons you've decided to take the art path?

I: I drawn as far back as I can remember but it wasn't ever my first choice until college. Never studied arts until I left university to do it, so we can say that my vocation, or professional motivation came really late to me.

G: If you could choose a profession other than your art...what would it be?

I: Wow...difficult to say: I like science and read a lot scientific spreading but never studied science in high school...I also like psicology, philosophy, Anthoplogy, Sociology. I like writing to, and that´s why I use to create my own comic scripts. There´s a lot of stuff I´d like to do, buy I have only one life and one body.

G: Do you have a twitter account so that I and others can follow you around on the daily?

I: Yeah...but I don't use it often. I use more facebook, blogger or Tumblr. In the top menu of my site users can find icons and links to all these sites.

G: Ok, now to the nitty gritty. Star Wars or Star Trek or both? I'm a both guy myself.

I: Its no fair LOL...So hard to choose! They are very different between them! With you permission I'm going to chose the two and two else: Firefly and Battlestar Galactica remake. With these four iconic sagas whatched I can die happy hahaha. I watched The Return of the Jedi when I was four in the cinema, so I don't have real memories of that; but three or four years after, my uncle rented the whole saga for Christmas Holidays, with family, and I was really shocked...since then I used to borrow The Empire Strikes Back each weekend. My parents thought I was mad of course. I supose I've loving that saga, when you enjoy it as a child, it marks you for all your life. My interest in Star Trek began several yeas after, I watched all the movies an tv shows and I realized that it´s a lot of great storys about ethics, and humanity. And then, Firefy and Galactica where like -well, I´ve died and gone to Heaven.