Ilustrations for animated scene from tv series “Veneno” by Los Javis, HBOMax.

Artistic Director, characters and backgrounds in an animation piece for the tv series Veneno, «One of us» (Suma latina , Atresmedia Atresplayer Premium, HBO Max) written by Félix Sabroso and directed by Los Javis, Javier Ambrossi & Javier Calvo about the life of Cristina OrtizLa Veneno” based in the book ¡Digo! Ni puta, ni santa. Las memorias de La Veneno (2016) by Valeria Vegas. The animation was directed by Goya´s prize winner  Paco Sáez.

Paco Saéz direction and realization, Rubén García director of animation, Daniel García Rigging and animation, Christian Muñoz animation, Fernando Hierro, preproduction backgrounds Fondos, Daniel Kei and Elías Soiffer (Lanczos) and Nuria Grajal direction chief and and production.